Membership Plans

If you're practicing yoga frequently then a membership plan might be perfect for you. I have 4 simple membership options available. Each plan gives you access to different content so you can expand your knowledge of yoga, follow on demand videos and practice private sessions with me.

Yoga Off The Mat

Monthly Plan (£10/month)

Have you ever wondered what it's like to take some time off fully? Are you tired of taking a break without finding some peace? This is the perfect member tier if you wish to discover more about yoga without necessarily having to approach the physical practice. This is a little development course based on yoga philosophy & the chakra system. You will also receive few guided practiced with breathing techniques & meditations.

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Yoga On Demand

Monthly Plan (£15/month)

If you are looking to practice whenever you want, however much you want, this is the perfect plan for you as you will have access to 20+ vinyasa and Yin yoga classes.
Every month new classes will be added to the list!

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Private Yoga Package

Monthly Plan (£35/month)

This plan is the perfect one for you if you would like to find some personal development & confidence through tailored 121 classes + yoga philosophy and chakra system theories.

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Yoga Full Package

Monthly Plan (£60/month)

This is the perfect tier if you are looking to practice on demand, but you also like some guiding with both LIVE STREAM and 121 sessions.

A whole rounded service created by me, for you and you only.

It entails:
- 20+(and growing) practices of all kind on demand with 1 hrs long practices + short how to videos -
- Yoga off the mat package with 1- self development hand outs -
- 2- Intro to meditation & Pranayama (breathing techniques) -
- 1  private session per month-
- Monthly live Q&A -

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