My name is Fran and I am from Italy.
Ever since I was young, I felt driven to learn and put in practice physical well-being to facilitate a good mental health.

My journey of recovery from an eating disorder has also highlighted how much I value movement and meditation as pillar for good health.

In the process of healing I found motivation in sharing my story openly, in the hope that people could relate and feel less lonely. I the quickly realised that I thrived every time I could, even if just for a second, or a minute, would make someone feel supported or relieved.

About Me - Fran

When I practice yoga, I practice with this idea in mind. To offer something that allows my mind and my body to connect.

After a 9-5 career I decided to pursue my dream to become a yoga teacher and I attended succesfully a 200hrs Ashtanga and Vinyasa flow at Sampoorna Yoga, Agonda, Goa, India.

The course has given me the insights and tools to create client-tailored classes and the knowledge to lead breath works too.

Want to find out how my Yoga practice can help you?