About me

CIAO! I’m Fran, a bubbly, loud and friendly chick who moved to the UK in April 2016 in search for a better life and health.

Ever since I was young, I felt driven to learn and put into practice different types  of movements as a way of setting my mind free from chaotic thoughts and self-doubt.

My journey of recovery from an eating disorder has also highlighted how much I value movement and meditation as pillars for good health. In the process of healing I noticed there were so many holistic tools I could integrate into my life in order to improve it and ended up falling in love with yoga and reflexology.

About Me - Fran
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This is what I do now: I dedicate my entire week to bring you the best of yoga and reflexology knowledge to the table, so that you can learn, explore, and improve your busy lives through the means of movement and massage.

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