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My yoga classes are for you if:
1. You’re tired of repeating the same three postures over and over
2. You would like to explore mindfully the strength and flexibility of your body but don’t know where to start
3. You want to find a practice that keeps you stimulated and challenged.
4. You want to add yoga as part of another training routine you already have I always work on a mix of mobility, strengthening and lengthening series of postures connected with a strong breath. (Vinyasa)

When I work with students I always check what their energy level is before starting a class, so that I can match it in both the beginning and end of the class.

I also train and practice Ashtanga, Yin Yoga and Animal Movement and these all also influence my style of teaching. Are you ready to get grooving and moving?


I fell in love with this holistic practice when in senior school I started having terrible belly aches and bloating that would paralyse me from my legs down. After having consulted with any possible doctors I could get an appointment with, and having been told that I was ‘just too emotional’ I was ready to spend the rest of my life in pain. Then one day, thanks to a friend who is also now a reflexologist practitioner, I discovered these type of treatments and they made a huge difference in my health from day one.
Curious about how I can help?


I am a passionate advocate for all things mental health and holistic therapy related. I love writing about my own experience as an eating disorder warrior and I write frequent blogs on topics like : yoga, reflexology, diet culture, mental health.
Check my blog sections for in-depth topics.

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